We turn your ideas into reality by building custom-made
applications for Web and Mobile. In weeks, not years.


We co-locate & embed with your culture.

We work side-by-side, drink the same coffee and join in on the conversations. We are the kind of people who roll up their sleeves write code alongside your team and through non-dogmatic consulting raise the game of your final product. Think of us as SWAT-teams who co-locate.

From coding to full-on software factory ownership.

Developing and delivering software products can be challenging. We identify with your strategic goals and touch everything that’s needed to enable your software delivery achievements. From delivering massive coding efforts to taking ownership of your software factory.

The fastest ramp-up time in Belgium.

Our people hit the ground running and immerse themselves in your team environment. Only a few days in a new challenge we’ll offer you a working prototype, a first step towards improving your delivery process or a working microservice.


A pleasure to work with us

We believe that running a software project can be a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. While staying human in our interactions, we fuel your project with outrageous optimism.

Extreme Ownership

We love to identify with your goals and understand your ambitions. Together with your team we work towards shared goals and take ownership of the stuff that matters.

Non-Dogmatic Approach

Shouting and drafting blueprints doesn’t build good software. Expect from us a calm and professional approach where without much fuss critical issues are being tackled.


Translate your goals and ideas into unique software products. Build fast, beautiful and robust applications for Web and Mobile. Deliver these to your users. And help you in setting up the processes needed to do all of this fast and continuously.


Agile Prototyping
UI Design


Responsive Web Apps
API's & Back-end Systems
Containerised Apps
Microservices & Evolutionary Architectures


Software Factory Enablement
Agile & Process Coaching


If you care about the craft of software- and web development, you are one of us already.

As Zinderlabs is growing, we look forward to welcoming a brand new lead .NET developer, from hands-on coding combined with technical analysis, to coaching co-workers, agile leadership and architecture.

Besides project related work, there are lots of ways to continue to be challenged through training, audits and staying up-to-date with the tech radar.

If you love to solve complex development challenges, if you have a strong backbone of .NET knowledge and if you’re passionate about new things concerning software development, then we’re eager for you to join us to craft high-end code together!