What kind of projects do we work on? Below, you can find a small and varied sample of the type of work we do.

B. Rekencentra - Frontend software factory

ZinderLabs supports the software factory of B. Rekencentra, mainly with frontend development services. The ZinderLabs squad is lead by an experienced tech lead and works on varied challenging projects in a flexible way. Through this cooperation, we have helped to deliver modern large-scale solutions in the logistics and transportation sector.

Technology: ASP .NET Core, C#, Docker, Gitlab, JavaScript, Nx Monorepo, PWA, React, Redux, Telerik

Services: Immersive consulting, Software Factory Ownership

Digipolis - Event Manager

The Event Manager is part of the City of Antwerp’s MyACPaaS plaform. It orchestrates the provisioning process of applications (deliverables) offering or consuming events through different message brokers. We delivered this component as a scoped project, working closely with the Technical Architects and other teams of Digipolis.

Technology: Apache Kafka, ASP .NET Core, C#, Docker, EF Core, FluentAssertions, MediatR, XUnit

Services: Immersive consulting, Software Factory Ownership

Cube by Mist - Responsive home configurator

We built a mobile-friendly Home Configurator for Cube by Mist. It allows prospective homebuyers to start from their initial requirements, and configure their modular home from floor plan to the finishing touches.

Technology: BlitzJS, JavaScript, React, Web design, Web development

Services: Web application project

Trainings in web technology

Our ZinderLabs trainers enjoy sharing their knowledge. For example, we organised 2 trainings together with The Campus: Modern web development with JavaScript, HTML & CSS and Intro to React.

Technology: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React, TypeScript

Services: Technical coaching, Training

Various audit & advisory clients

We support a number of clients and partners in their software development processes. We do this both in short-term tracks (audit) as long-term engagements in a part-time service model (advice, sparring partner, quality gate, code reviewing…). We work both on the big picture and very specific challenges. Some challenges we helped clients with range from setting up and configuring code quality tools to offering a second opinion on architecture designs and feature estimates.

Services: Advisory, Audit, Code reviewing, Technical coaching