Celebrating ZinderLabs’ 5-Year Milestone

We celebrated our 5-year anniversary with a networking event for clients and partners. Around 50 guests enjoyed the nice catering and festive atmosphere. Naturally, such an event required a presentation to make it complete!

The ZinderLabs Leadership Team took the stage to reflect on the journey of the past five years, from the early days of ZinderLabs to Fabio discussing his evolution within ZinderLabs and the OECO leadership program. We expressed gratitude to our partners and clients and gave some fancy awards to the colleagues who have been with ZinderLabs for the entire 5-year journey.

What’s next?

It was also an excellent time to look at the horizon. Robin guided us through a glimpse into the future by discussing emerging tech trends, such as AI and Low Code. Our vision for the upcoming years is deeply rooted in refining our core competency: Technical Leadership, which remains a central theme throughout our narrative, interwoven into our core values and reflected by the people in our team.

Robin and David presented “Tales from the Trenches” stories, concrete case studies shedding light on how we embody and apply Technical Leadership principles with our clients.

Tech Leadership All the Way

At ZinderLabs, we use the bespoke ZinderLabs Accelerator Program (ZAP) to coach and guide our team members from the graduate level to the Tech Lead role. We are continuously refining this program and combining it with our other initiatives to cultivate Tech Leads and build a robust team that works towards our shared vision.

Tech Leadership presentation

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Ambition to Co-create & Grow

Our ambition is clear: we want to grow and increase our impact. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We want to co-create and work more closely with our partners and clients. We’ve mapped out a straightforward process highlighting our approach to applying Technical Leadership, ensuring we bring maximum value to every project. We’ve also re-iterated the specific services we offer.

We have the capacity for new projects and consulting initiatives! Are you interested in working together? Get in touch!


We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about the evening and our presentation. It was truly encouraging to hear everyone’s compliments on what we have built over the years. We want to extend our gratitude to those who attended, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. This gathering was a significant milestone for us, and we are committed to sharing our story more often. We have included more photos from the event below.