Let the Games Begin: A Glimpse into Our Team Hackathon

Before the summer break, our team engaged in a hackathon facilitated by Bram & Robin.

We used a simple game development idea as the basis. More than just a fun competition, it was a chance to enhance crucial technical leadership skills like creativity, team collaboration, quick decision-making, and efficient time management.

In a tight span of three hours, we brainstormed and coded away. Our goal? Build a fun, working game using the given space assets effectively.

Teams worked towards a five-minute demo at the end, beginning with brainstorming game concepts on the whiteboard:

As we started coding, Bram and Robin walked around the room to check on the progress of each team and provide some input where needed:

After the hackathon, it was time for the demo. Each team showcased their game, bringing to life the concepts that had started on a whiteboard:

The winners, team “Expired Interns”:

Second place for “Meteor Mayhem”:

As a bonus, we’ve captured some of the gameplay action:


The hackathon was a fun exercise of creativity and quick decision-making under time constraints. Time flies by so quickly!

Although Bram and Robin were busy facilitating the event, they couldn’t resist creating their own game over the weekend!

We’re already looking forward to more hackathons like this in the future.