Knowledge sharing at ZinderLabs

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge sharing is one of the core values of ZinderLabs – both internally and externally.

In our favorite scenario, a whole squad of ZinderLabs consultants is working in your team. Still, even when we’re out on a solo mission, our strong focus on knowledge sharing will ensure our consultant brings along the entire team’s expertise!

Some of our knowledge-sharing practices reach the public through our various channels. One of our recent additions is this blog you’re reading right now. To offer a behind-the-scenes look at our knowledge-sharing practices, we will look back at 2022 and see what we take to 2023.

Of course, we also did a lot of fun non-tech events. But for now, let’s keep a tech focus and discuss our technical knowledge-sharing efforts. This post serves as a high-level introduction. Next up, we will do a separate post per Tech ecosystem.

Tech syncs

We have our Tech sync per ecosystem every two weeks, a short meeting among software engineers.

We kick this off with our project roundtable. This brief check-in lets us stay on track with our colleagues’ learnings and challenges. Sometimes technical impediments come up, and we can brainstorm some pointers on how to tackle them.

It’s always good to hear colleagues talk about the technical things they learned. But of course, it’s also essential to be able to ‘vent’ our frustrations when they come up. There is sometimes some stress around go-lives, last-minute data contract changes, and general dependency failures.

Finally, it’s fascinating to hear about the similarities and differences between our various client and project environments—for example, different approaches in planning, in-sprint bug fixing, and support request handling.

After our check-in, we discuss tech trends and topics, as you will read in the upcoming specific posts per ecosystem.

The Tech syncs are the backbone of our knowledge sharing and offer a platform for all other practices, content creation, and events.

What 2023 will bring

When we concluded our syncs for 2022 after all the hard work, at the end of the year, we all needed some time off ;-)

But first, we had to set our “new year’s resolutions” for 2023! Some efforts we will be working on:

  • Consolidating our core knowledge, tech radar, learning materials, and training tracks
  •  Staying open-minded and learning something new every day
  •  Keep sharing knowledge, both bite-sized and longer-form
  •  Even more attention to security and secure coding

This look ahead concludes our general intro. Next week, let’s dive into Java!