The world of software development is a diverse and fast-evolving landscape. This requires a diverse knowledge and a big commitment to stay up-to-date. Organizations often struggle with some aspects of software development, or just need extra hands on their projects to get things done. At ZinderLabs, we are totally up for this! 

We build tailored-made business applications that leave their mark, in a wide variety of industries and with a focus on web and cloud. Technology is at our core! However, we firmly believe in cross-pollination between tech stacks – allowing us to apply the right tool for the job and keeping an open mind.



When ZinderLabs steps in, we take ownership and deliver maximum value right from the start. Our different service formulas ensure a flexible and productive cooperation that fits right in with the specific challenge and its technical and business context.


Translate your goals and ideas into unique software products. Build fast, beautiful and robust applications for Web and Mobile. Deliver these to your users. And help you in setting up the processes needed to do all of this fast and continuously.

Immersive consulting

Full-on software development tracks.

Immersive Consulting

We embed with your existing software team to co-create your software product. We prefer working with multiple consultants in a squad. You can best think of us as SWAT-teams who co-locate. 


Software Factory Ownership

Taking it one step further from immersive consulting, one of our technical leads cooperates with the client’s management / product owner to guide the direction of the project or software factory. With our non-dogmatic and constructive approach we focus on maximizing the value and effectiveness. 


Web application Projects

Our software factory takes on the scope of a full project, keeping track of the budget and getting the job done. We co-create, and prefer a flexible scope based on an agile backlog over Fixed Price commitments. We are specialized in delivering smaller projects, PoC’s and MVP’s with our lean & mean team!  

Expertise delivery

Our expertise in small, effective doses.


Our experienced trainers offer very engaging and interactive training sessions (classroom or remote) on a diverse range of topics. We received great feedback on our trainings so far. Contact us for examples of our trainings 



We have developed a specific audit process that allows us to get a clear picture of the AS-IS and TO-BE of your software system based on your roadmap and requirements. Contact us for more information.


Coaching & Advisory

We are often called in to support clients and partners with diverse challenges in software development, part-time or short-term. This can be in a technical coach role (e.g. code reviews), or setting up a proces or team that is getting started. Contact us to explore the possibilities.



We help your business navigate the decentralized web revolution, utilizing personal data vaults, linked open data, and the semantic web. Together, we co-create, accelerate, and shape this decentralized future with Solid development and consultancy. Explore more at konsolidate.eu.


We thrive in environments where we can make a difference in the lives of your customers and end-users. We like working with startups, large corporations and everything in between. To give you an idea, we work for:

  • Large corporations building a consumer-facing web application.
  • Organizations who build revenue-generating SaaS products.
  • Businesses who need consumer-grade web applications.
  • Public sector organizations with an ambitious roadmap.
  • Startups who need an MVP, fast.